List of Submerged Villages

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Bough Beach Reservoir

This reservoir on the Kent/Sussex border contains the remains of a submerged village. All that remains is a humped-back bridge.

Rutland Water / Hambleton Village

The site is owned by Anglian Water. I received the following from them in June 04.

We suspended diving at Rutland Water over 5 years ago for safety and operational reasons. In addition there are no sunken village remains. Some farm houses and houses were demolished in preparation for the reservoir in the 1970s but that's about it.

Dunwich Village, off the Suffolk coast

Part of the village has been lost to the sea due to coastal erosion. It also contains remains of a roman road. A protected wreck lies on Dunwich Bank, and therefore diving can only be carried out with the necessary permission, which would be obtained from Suffolk Underwater Studies.

Haweswater Reservoir / Mardale Village

To dive here, you need permission from United Utilites who own the reservoir. Contact details (as of May 2004) are Ann Dunbar, 01768-772334x20. A day permit costs 47 pounds and covers up to a maximum of twenty divers. More details at

Kielder Reservoir

Up to 40m deep. Has remains of buildings, walls, etc.

Blessington Lake, outside Dublin

A village was submerged in the valley which formed this reservoir.

Ladybower Reservoir

From: Lyn Edwards
To: Scuba-UK
Subject: Ladybower / Derwent / Poetry

Yep - Ladybower, or more accurately Derwent has a "sunken" village that shows up from drought to even worse drought but the peaty water and general pooness of the water makes it a pointless dive. I should know, my club is Glossop SAC a mere few miles away and we also had to work in another nearby resie to extract an overturned truk trailer loaded with mega rolls of printing paper. The best thing about Ladybower / Derwent is mountain biking around it in the winter.